About the Awards

By spearheading the Innovation Revolution, the International Innovation Awards® (IIA) is the most coveted regional recognition programme where it recognises outstanding innovations, and in the process encouraging organisations to continue investing in innovations.

The InnoCube®

The InnoCube® is made from aircraft grade aluminium and depicts an "I" on each of its six sides: for Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation, Integration, Institutionalisation and Innovation- the first five being the key processes that lead to the sixth. The fluorescence of your InnoCube®, can be maintained by keeping it under a source of light. Display your InnoCube®, proudly as a symbol of your achievements and let it remind you daily how your work are making the world a better place.



The International Innovation Awards 2023 is unique as each awardee is eligible to apply for the InnoMark Certification. This international certification of innovation excellence recognizes innovative products, designs and organizations on a proprietary 8-dimension system: The InnoMark® Dimensions. Submissions that do not meet the International Innovation Awards 2023 standards for winning may be considered independently for an InnoMark Certification. Administration fee applies.

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Prix d'Excellence

A limited number of award recipients will be further categorized under the Prix d’Excellence category; which is the highest achievement under the International Innovation Awards. Direct submission for the Prix d’Excellence is not possible, as the honorees are selected among recipients of the International Innovation Awards. In years where no submission is deemed to have achieved the level of Prix d’Excellence, no such award category shall be awarded.