About the Awards

By spearheading the Innovation Revolution, The International Innovation Awards® (IIA) is the most coveted regional recognition program where it recognizes outstanding innovations, and in the process encouraging organizations to continue investing in innovations.

The InnoCube™

The InnoCube™ is made from aircraft grade aluminium and depicts an "I" on each of its six sides: for Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation, Integration, Institutionalization and Innovation- the first five being the key processes that lead to the sixth. The fluorescence of your InnoCube™, can be maintained by keeping it under a source of light. Display your InnoCube™, proudly as a symbol of your achievements and let it remind you daily how your work are making the world a better place.

InnoMark® Certification

The International Innovation Awards® is unique as it qualifies the innovation for InnoMark® certification. This international certification for innovation recognises innovations on a proprietary 8-dimension system: The InnoMark® Dimensions. Submissions that do not meet the International Innovation Awards® 2018 standards for winning may be considered independently for an InnoMark® Certification.

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Prix d'Excellence

A limited number of award recipients will be further categorised under the Prix d’Excellence category; which is the highest achievement under the International Innovation Awards®. Direct submission for the Prix d’Excellence is not possible, as the honorees are selected among recipients of the International Innovation Awards®. In years where no submission is deemed to have achieved the level of Prix d’Excellence, no such award category shall be awarded.