About Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia is the region’s foremost association for entrepreneurship and growth partnership. Since 2007, we have championed growth, responsible entrepreneurship and indigenous innovation across Asia. Our three pillars of existence: Democratization of Entrepreneurship, Institutionalization of Sustainability and Empowerment of Innovation have led us to partner with some of the world’s largest corporations and governments across the region to form programs and initiatives that support these pillars.


To create an Asia that is rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards economic and social development that is both progressive and sustainable development within a world of economic equality by: Encouraging Entrepreneurship, Embracing Diversity, Promoting Excellence, and Practicing Integrity.


  • Democratising Entrepreneurship (DE)
  • Institutionalising Sustainability (IS)
  • Empowering Innovation (EI)


  • Investment in People (IP)
  • Responsible Entrepreneurship (RE)