Innovation Awards 2017

Winners List

Product Category

Ultraboost Uncaged Parley

Adidas Sports (China) Co. Ltd.


Aiyara Planet Co., Ltd

Improved Connector

Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


De Prima Enterprise Co., Ltd


Ezytronic Sdn Bhd

Digital Salak on MyMo

Government Savings Bank

Inewvation Brix Series

Inewvation International Corporation

Green Pallet for Green Packaging

LHT Holdings Limited

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft Corp

Innovative Healthy Snack

Orawana International Co., Ltd


Perma Corporation Co., Ltd

Innovative Clear Can Packaging

S&W Fine Foods International, Inc.

Tuna Slice

Thai Union PCL

Tipco BEAT

Tipco Foods PCL

Tipco WAVE

Tipco Foods PCL

Services & Solutions Category

Near Real – Time Laboratory – Based Influenza Surveillance System

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL

Beyonics Vertical Integration

Beyonics Pte Ptd

Mono Column Platform (MCP)

Calm Oceans Pte Ltd

Getthiss Marketplace

Getthiss Innovation Sdn Bhd

Hickory Building Systems (HBS)

Hickory Building System Pte Ltd

LCY Innovative Business Growth & Expansion Without Borders

LCY Development Sdn Bhd

MAPS Parking

M.A. Intelligence Holdings Sdn Bhd

Harnessing Machine Learning to Enable Efficient, Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

MediLink Network Inc.

Leakage Yard on Cyber

Metropolitant Waterworks Authority

The “Solar Roof” S&P Bakery Factory Energy Saving Project

S&P Syndicate Public Co. Ltd

Agency of The Future

XS Multimedia Group

Organization & Culture Category


Intel, Inc

Innovation for Good

The EON Group

Sailing Innovatively Through The Challenges of The Maritime Industry

Vega Manila Crew Management