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9 December 2021

Virtual Awards Ceremony

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Vitality is the power giving continuance of life. Vitality is interconnected with passion, energy, health and ability to survive, adapt and flourish. Vitality goes hand in hand with growth. While globalisation and rapid digital transformation has escalate the durability and growth in communities and organisations, sustainable growth and capacity to reinvent will cease to exist without vitality.

Inarguably, the ability to vitalise is essential to emerge stronger, more determined and lead the way from this fragility towards a new vitality.

The International Innovation Awards® 2021 theme is to Foster Vitality.

About the Awards

By spearheading the Innovation Revolution, The International Innovation Awards® (IIA) is the most coveted regional recognition program where it recognizes outstanding innovations, and in the process encouraging organizations to continue investing in innovations.
Service & Solution
Organisation & Culture
Innovation Leadership* *by invitation only

InnoMark® Certification

The International Innovation Awards® is unique as it qualifies the innovation for InnoMark® certification. This international certification for innovation recognises innovations on a proprietary 8-dimension system: The InnoMark® Dimensions.

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Why Participate?

Independent endorsement of your innovation

While innovation on itself may serve to future-proof your organisation, an independent endorsement amplifies both the credibility of the innovation as well as your speed-to-market and acceptance level.

Enhances the lifetime value of your innovation

Most organisations discover that adding a third-party endorsement enhances the lifetime value and longetivity of their innovation by many folds. This translates to a significantly higher return on investment and future-proofing your innovation.

Publicity and promotion

Through our global PR campaign, and localised publicity blitz, your winning innovation will be read or seen by potentially millions of users and consumers. Many organisations leverage on this to supplement their own branding and promotional effort for 360-degree coverage of target audience.

Reward your innovation team

No innovation works in a silo. It’s always a team effort. Winning the International Innovation Award is a direct affirmation of that effort; and even if you do not win, the collective teamwork put into submission goes far in aligning your team’s goal.

Stronger price elasticity

Winners have realised that receiving the Award often translate into better pricing as customers are less price sensitive when purchasing an award-winning innovation.

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